Fuel Supply Systems

The Fuel Supply System is the safest, most efficient and comprehensive system available. We are the only propane company in the area to offer such a system.

We install freshly painted, ASME-certified 120-, 330-, 500- and 1,000-gallon tanks (available for above- or below-ground installation). All tanks are purged and tested before being placed into service. We use a two-stage regulation system with state-of-the-art U.L.-approved regulators, specifically designed for use with today's highly energy-efficient appliances.  All installations are followed by a complete gas appliance safety check.

Our U.L.-approved polypropylene gas lines are impervious to corrosive soil conditions. Fertilizers and landscaping chemicals won't attack the line, causing underground leaks. The system will be certified leak-free, and the regulator's pressure will be adjusted to deliver maximum efficiency to your appliances. At each fuel delivery, a visual safety inspection is performed to keep the system in peak operating condition.