Lite Cylinder

See the Advantage. Feel the Advantage. 

1. Easy to see propane levels

2. Lightweight— 30% - 50% lighter than steel


3. Corrosion Free– Will not rust

Lite cylinders are a composite material that allows consumers to see the amount of propane left in the container. These cylinders are much lighter than steel, and will not rust . Once you purchase one of the tanks you will become a member of the Advantage Club, which provides great prices and benefits. 

Advantage Club Member price:

  • 20 lb. = $50.00 10lb = $70.00
  • Purged and Filled
  • Receive .10 cent per pound discount on refills
  • Free requalification
  • 10% discount on all girlls, heaters, and acc.
  • 15 Year Life on Cylinder