New Propane Outboards Are A 'Green' Option

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Motorboat engines are now available that have lower emissions and are cheaper to run than conventional models.

Dave White from the New York Sea Grant talks about new propane-powered outboards. Click on the picture for his interview on 7 News This Morning.

There are 2.5 and 5 horsepower engines that use 16-ounce propane canisters, plus 9.9 and 15 horsepower engines that hook up to regular size propane tanks.

There is no risk of gasoline spills, a 97 percent reduction in emissions, and the fuel is about half the cost of gasoline.

For more information on the Sea Grant, call 315-312-3042 or visit

Important Information Inside!

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to inform you of the current happenings within the propane industry, as well as how we at Greene’s are complying with the situation. Even before winter made its way into the U.S., a substantially greater than usual amount of propane was used in October-November to dry corn crops throughout the country. Then, as you may know, we here in Michigan as well as most all of the United States, have been experiencing colder than normal temperatures this winter season. The combination of these two items along with isolated sub-zero weather, severe ice storms, and continued snow falls across the U.S. has left the country in a bit of a crisis in regards to home heating fuel inventories and delivery logistics.

We are all working harder than ever with our suppliers, logistics companies, and you our customers to continue to keep everyone with propane supply this winter. Supply companies and terminals have all been placed on allocations and are only allowing marketers to get 60-70% of their contracted winter volumes of propane. So, with the supply allocations from our suppliers and the continued logistics of having to travel farther to get propane, we will have to make smaller deliveries to all our customers in order to keep everyone with supply. This means that instead of filling your tank to its maximum capacity of 85%, that we will be filling to say 50- 60% instead. This will help us to continue to keep all of our customers with propane for the remainder of this winter season. I want to assure you that we will continue to keep you warm this winter. We will also be suspending our Regulatory Compliance Fee until the allocations are lifted.

There are things you as a customer can do to help us as well, and we would greatly appreciate your help in this situation. Items like conserving propane by lowering your thermostat by a few degrees or consuming less hot water will help. Another simple thing you can do to help us ensure you receive your delivery is to keep your driveway and access to your propane tank cleared and free of snow. By keeping your driveway and access to your tank clear, it helps us tremendously. It allows the delivery drivers to make their deliveries faster, as well as, safer.

I thank you for your help… and for your continued loyalty as a customer of Greene’s Gas Co.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Stanford



Empire vented/ventfree Gas Logs

Slope Glaze Burners and Matching Log Sets

Have a safe and Happy New Year

The staff at Greene's Gas company would like to wish there family of customers a safe and Happy New Year.

Generac Portable Generator

 Generac's LP3250 is the first portable propane generator to bring together the benefits of propane with an easy to transport design.  The result is a suprisingly compact and easily maneuverable portable generator ideal for a variety of uses. 

The benefits of propane, are lower emissions and fewer toxic pollutants than gasoline. Unlike gasoline, propane can be stored indefinitely without deterioration and safely transported without spillage.

Great for the job site, outdoor events, camping, and home use. 

GENERAC LP generator availible at Greene's Gas Company

Jiffy Propane Powered Ice Auger

PRO 4, Model 40


  • Jiffy® PROPANE POWERED, 49cc, 4-Stroke OHV Engine
  • Clean - No gas
  • No gas smell on your hands
  • No Smoke - Can be operated indoors
  • Quiet - 4 Stroke engine is quiet but powerful.
  • E-Z Start - No priming, no choke, no flooding, and has mitten grip handle
  • Low Maintenance - No mixing of fuel
  • Low Emissions
  • BEST of Class - WORLD Class!
  • HTT (High Torque Transmission), Jiffy®'s proven heavy-duty clutch and optimum gear ratio, transfer more engine energy for additional torque
  • Stealth STXTM - Serrated RipperTM Blade and Power Point Blades last 2-3 times longer than other blades on the market, cutting 25% faster.  The STXTM Blades have a 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Best Warranty in the Industry ... 1-2-3 Year Limited Warranty - 1 Yr Engine; 2 Yr Transmission; 3 Yr STXTM blades
  • E-Z SnapTM Blade Protector
  • Ideal for Initial Drilling and Redrilling of Ice Holes
  • Available in 6", 8", 9" and 10" Drill Assemblies
  • 33 - 36 pounds depending on drill size
  •                     Check it out at Greene's Gas Company

Mr Heater Blind and Shanty Heaters on Sale

Tank-Top Heaters

The Mr. Heater family of Propane Heaters on Sale at

                         Greene's Gas Company

  • Versatile propane heaters with Hi-Med-Low settings for temp heat
  • BTUs range from 10,000-45,000
  • Offered in single, double and triple burner models
  • Buddy heater also available- Jr Buddy, Portable Buddy, big Buddy

                                Makes a Great Christmas Gift


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